Monday, May 4, 2009

Does Size Matter?

First, a few questions and observations and then the full disclosure update that I meant to do a month ago.

Have clothing sizes changed in 10 years? I'm confused that I can (barely) fit into a pair of new size 12 shorts, but the old size 14 shorts I pulled from the bottom back corner of a drawer are just as snug. I know different brands run differently, but this is happening with a good hand full of items of different brands with the only common thread being when they purchased...old vs. new. I'm really beginning to think the current sizes are cut larger across the industry. So the old question, does size matter? Well according to my ego, the answer is yes and I am perfectly happy to purchase a smaller size these days.

Ok, I had my last session with my personal trainer today. Here are the stats:

36 pounds lost since Oct--7 months

current BMI is 28.6, down from 34
the overweight to normal threshold is 25

% body fat is 34% down from 41%

clothing size is a snug 12 (really a 14 in public!) down from 20W

I no longer have any "W" clothes in my closet and am replacing XL (or XXL) with L

I ordered a new swimsuit in one size smaller than I thought I needed with plans to "work my way into it", well when it arrived it already fits! In fact, I'm a little afraid the top may be too big in 6-8 weeks.

I have set a few new mini-goals for myself:
I would like to lose another 12 pounds by Monday, June 29th. That is exactly 8 weeks away.
I would like to comfortably fit into size 10 clothes by August 1st.
I would like to be able to run (the entire time) a 5K distance by August 1st. That's 3.1 miles and yes, I did have to look it up.