Friday, March 27, 2009

30 Pounds Gone!

At today's weigh-in, I reached my mini-goal of 30 pounds! It has been a rough week with a head cold and pms bloating, so I really did not expect to the scale to move. I mean I didn't expect it to move down and I was praying it didn't move up. So now I get to schedule my massage at the spa! Of course our calendar is so crazy right now with rescheduled Trike-A-Thons and T-ball games due to rain and then Spring Break, that it will probably be 2-3 weeks before I can enjoy my reward.

April 1st will be 6 months since I started with the personal trainer, so I will try to do a "full disclosure" update on the 1st. Speaking of the personal trainer, I only have 3 more sessions with him. And I found out my gym membership has expired. My cluttered mind thought I had until May, but it was actually the other "M" month, March. So I am trying to work through the options at 3 different gyms.

I am loving a handful of t-shirts that I got at Old Navy. The are super simple, bright solids, just the right stretch and so so soft. And they are a size L not XL or XXL. Old Navy actually contributed to one of my "last straw" moments...I was trying to put on one of their XXL shirts that I owned and it didn't fit. What! a 2XL doesn't fit?? So Old Navy and I have made-up and are good friends right now.

I need 2 new mini-goals. Maybe when I post on Apirl 1st with all my update info I'll have figured out some new goals for myself. I have started looking at swimsuits, so maybe one goal with have some connection to that. I can't remember the last time I was looking forward to swimsuit shopping!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Why Am I Trying to Sprint My Way Through This Marathon?

Every few weeks I get a burst of energy and renewed commitment to my goal. Then I practically wear myself out trying to do everything right and clean and enough. And then, predictably, 10-15 days later I loose steam...all my plans gets in the way.

So here I am again, back in the starting blocks, making my list of the things...strategies...that I need to revamp or increase or decrease. Waiting for that Monday morning starting gun to fire so I can sprint my way through the next 2 weeks of menus and workouts.

Wouldn't it be more efficient to find an even keel instead of this bipolar approach?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Random Update

Quick update on several random items...

Calculated body fat percentage today. Original was 41%, today's reading was 35%. Yay!!

Tried quinoa at dinner tonight. It was ok, kinda bland but with a unique taste at the end of each bite. Will definitely give it another try. Maybe add more "pilaf" type add-ins.

Tried broccolini....very good. I love broccoli and asparagus, so no real surprise there. My 5 year old asked what the broccolini was and my answer was that it was a cross between "regular" broccoli and Chinese broccoli (I read that somewhere). This answer led to a whole discussion of what and where China is located, including that when we are having daytime, they are having nighttime. So after a slight pause, he says, "So Chinese people are nocturnal?" Oh dear, geography and astronomy at the dinner table.

Tried blackberries. First couple of bites were interesting. More tart than I expected. But I easily finished the 1/2 cup portion. One half-cup portion of blackberries has like 8g of fiber, which is incredible. But one half-cup was half of the container and that container was almost $3. Nearby pick-your-own farm sells them $10 a gallon, season isn't until June.

Not doing so good on the "drink more water" goal.

I have added 1 set of ab work to each workout, which is 3 times so far.

I'll be glad when the Easter bunny hops on out of town and takes the Cadbury eggs with him. I've limited myself to 1 per day (not every day), but I could do without the temptation altogether.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Whole-lly Moley

I made my first trip to Whole Foods Market today.


Wow about the produce...Wow about the fish and meat markets...Wow about the bakery...Wow about all the prepared foods, they smelled incredible...and Wow about the price!

I bought 31 items and my total was $99. Thank goodness I had a list! Not a trip I plan to make every week, but in my opinion, worth the drive every 4-6 weeks for a few specialty items. Here are some new things I'm going to try...

cashew butter and almond butter
almond milk
whole wheat pasta & couscous

I was a little disappointed with their cottage cheese selection. Seriously they had like 2 small container Kroger has at least 4-5 options in size or fat % or curd size. I was looking for a specific brand that is no salt added. I'll try the Publix down the street.

The smell in the Beauty Care section was like the reception area of a spa. And that reminded me of my 30 pounds lost reward...scheduling a massage for myself. Only 4 more pounds to go!