Thursday, March 5, 2009

Random Update

Quick update on several random items...

Calculated body fat percentage today. Original was 41%, today's reading was 35%. Yay!!

Tried quinoa at dinner tonight. It was ok, kinda bland but with a unique taste at the end of each bite. Will definitely give it another try. Maybe add more "pilaf" type add-ins.

Tried broccolini....very good. I love broccoli and asparagus, so no real surprise there. My 5 year old asked what the broccolini was and my answer was that it was a cross between "regular" broccoli and Chinese broccoli (I read that somewhere). This answer led to a whole discussion of what and where China is located, including that when we are having daytime, they are having nighttime. So after a slight pause, he says, "So Chinese people are nocturnal?" Oh dear, geography and astronomy at the dinner table.

Tried blackberries. First couple of bites were interesting. More tart than I expected. But I easily finished the 1/2 cup portion. One half-cup portion of blackberries has like 8g of fiber, which is incredible. But one half-cup was half of the container and that container was almost $3. Nearby pick-your-own farm sells them $10 a gallon, season isn't until June.

Not doing so good on the "drink more water" goal.

I have added 1 set of ab work to each workout, which is 3 times so far.

I'll be glad when the Easter bunny hops on out of town and takes the Cadbury eggs with him. I've limited myself to 1 per day (not every day), but I could do without the temptation altogether.

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