Friday, March 27, 2009

30 Pounds Gone!

At today's weigh-in, I reached my mini-goal of 30 pounds! It has been a rough week with a head cold and pms bloating, so I really did not expect to the scale to move. I mean I didn't expect it to move down and I was praying it didn't move up. So now I get to schedule my massage at the spa! Of course our calendar is so crazy right now with rescheduled Trike-A-Thons and T-ball games due to rain and then Spring Break, that it will probably be 2-3 weeks before I can enjoy my reward.

April 1st will be 6 months since I started with the personal trainer, so I will try to do a "full disclosure" update on the 1st. Speaking of the personal trainer, I only have 3 more sessions with him. And I found out my gym membership has expired. My cluttered mind thought I had until May, but it was actually the other "M" month, March. So I am trying to work through the options at 3 different gyms.

I am loving a handful of t-shirts that I got at Old Navy. The are super simple, bright solids, just the right stretch and so so soft. And they are a size L not XL or XXL. Old Navy actually contributed to one of my "last straw" moments...I was trying to put on one of their XXL shirts that I owned and it didn't fit. What! a 2XL doesn't fit?? So Old Navy and I have made-up and are good friends right now.

I need 2 new mini-goals. Maybe when I post on Apirl 1st with all my update info I'll have figured out some new goals for myself. I have started looking at swimsuits, so maybe one goal with have some connection to that. I can't remember the last time I was looking forward to swimsuit shopping!

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