Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

I was really looking forward to today. I have a personal goal to make it to one spin class per week and 9:30 Wednesday morning was the one for this week. I got everything ready last night...lunch for preschool, sippy cups and bottles for the younger two, healthy snacks for me, clothes laid out for all 4, toothbrushes lined up and washcloth ready, jackets laid out by the front door, school bag ready, diaper bag ready, heart rate monitor located...Got out of bed on time this morning and told First Born Son that we were going to try to be the first ones at school today, so we better hurry! The kids pretty much did their part to stay on track, things were going good up until the last 5 minutes and it got a little crazy. We were getting jackets on, now shoes on...where are my tennis shoes?...I'll put on these clogs...there's my tennis shoes, I'll carry them to the car and change at the gym after I weigh. I usually make 2 trips to the car leaving one child in the house and then coming back for said child. McQueen was the one that was supposed to stay in the house but he was crawling out of the door so I scooped him up and we made it in one trip. We're off to the preschool, right on schedule!

The carpool line starts at moving at 8:55 and if we are near the front I can get to the gym, get the kids to childcare, and be ready for a 9:30 class with about 4 minutes to spare. We made it to the school and cheered because we were almost first! I stepped out the car to get something from the back and realized I still had on my clogs...oh, maybe I should go ahead and change shoes...I did pick up my shoes didn't I? Nope, no tennis shoes. Could I make it back home and then to the gym in time to make the class? Yeah, I might be a few minutes late, but that would be ok.

As I'm pulling away from the carpool drop-off, the Low Fuel light comes on. I'll get gas after the gym, Husband always say you have 3 or 4 gallons left, right? Get home, yep, there's my tennis shoes on the front porch where I must have dropped them when scooping up McQueen. Back to the car, out of the driveway, wind through the neighborhood...I might be able to make the class. Now Low Fuel Bell starts dinging. Ok, this is just not going to happen today. So I turn into the gas station to filler-up.

It was about 9:20 by now. I decided to call my mom. My mom has been helping her youngest sister who has cancer. She goes to her house every day and stays with her some nights. My mom tells me that she was about to leave her house to go back to my aunt's house to meet with Hospice for their first visit. My mom tells me that my aunt decided on Monday (with input from her doctor and family) to stop her chemo and only seek comfort measures. We only talked 2 or 3 minutes. I felt very deeply that this phone call was the reason my plan for this morning fell apart. I needed to make this phone call and if MY plan had been the one followed, then I wouldn't have been able to live HIS plan.

I did go to the gym and I did have an awesome work out.

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