Monday, January 19, 2009

Strategery that is working for me...

How sad a situation is it when I actually feel sorry for the President? I mean like the way you feel sorry for a kid at school being picked on. Anyway, here is a look at the 'Strategery' that seems to be working for me so far....

Fiber One cereal bars (or generic brand from Kroger)---Oats & Chocolate is enough to satisfy my chocolate craving, and the warning about 35% of total daily fiber is enough to keep me from eating more than one.

Diet Dr. Pepper (usually Caffeine Free)---one per day has really helped me kick my Coke habit. I also find that if I keep the case in the pantry, or back of the car (not in current weather!), i.e. out of sight, then it is really easy to just have 1 per day. I used to keep cans in the fridge and would drink 3-4 a day. Every time I opened the fridge door I would grab a Coke, thirsty or not.

Splenda (or Splenda with Fiber)---I can not tell the difference between Splenda (or generic) and sugar when I make my sweet tea. And I like it real sweet, like syrup sweet.

Lean Cuisine---Husband asked a few days ago, "Are those any good?" Well, they're ok. But they are tasting better and better each time I pull out clothes from my closet that I haven't been able to wear in 3 to 5 years. They are great when you open the fridge and have no idea what you are planning to eat. They are great to have in mind when the kids want corn dogs or chicken nuggets, or a Happy Meal. Beware that there are a lot of varieties available and they are not all that healthy. I try to stay below 400 calories and below 4 grams of fat. I'm not watching sodium right now, but some are really high.

Having a "Smaller Size" Drawer---I picked a couple of items that do not fit and put them in a drawer of my dresser. About once a week or 10 days, I try them on. It is so exciting when they start to fit and then when they fit good enough to wear in public! I have been buying workout clothes on clearance in a smaller size and I look forward to being able to wear them.

Getting rid of the safety net---Twice since October, I have gone through my closet and drawers and pulled out clothes that were too big, and yes some were still maternity clothes! Maternity t-shirts make great workout shirts! Some I have been able to give to a friend, some I took to a consignment store, and some went to Goodwill. My closet is still overfilled because I had acquired complete wardrobes in multiple sizes, plus a maternity wardrobe.

Keeping a snack bag in the car---Here's what's in my on-the-go snack supply...
Whole almonds---count out 20 and put in ziploc bag
60 calorie packs of (3) prunes---I was "yuck" at first, but not too bad now
100 calorie packs of Quaker mini rice cakes with chocolate drizzle
cereal bars
yogurt covered or plain raisins
try to keep a case of bottled water in the back of the car

Wearing my Heart Rate Monitor---I have almost become obsessive about wearing my HRM. I am in the process of tracking my "calories burned" values for several days and then plan to set a daily minimum that I want to achieve each day. One day last week the value was just over 2000 calories from about 8am to 9pm and I had worked with the trainer and done cardio that day. So I'm guessing 2000 is a good target for work out days and probably around 1500 for off days. Once I set my goal, I may find myself "running the stairs" in our house at 11pm before I will let myself go to bed.

But probably the best Strategery of all, is having a wonderful support team, not just in this endeavor, but in all things.

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