Saturday, January 17, 2009

Speed Bumps

By the power vested in me, I would hereby like to officially declare the second week of January as "Personal Speed Bump Week". Even though my commitment to exercise and better eating choices started in earnest back in October and is therefore definitely not a 'New Year's Resolution' (a New Me Resolution maybe), I found this week to be full of opportunities to stray and my motivation waning...popping up like speed bumps on my pathway.

Running late, didn't eat at home, didn't grab a cereal food drive-thru
It's so cold, I hate to wear a coat, wind too strong for the baby...skip the gym
Didn't make a menu, have random groceries in fridge....order a pizza
Personal trainer company at gym money & don't renew
Car needs oil changed today or engine falls out tomorrow....skip the gym
Peanut needs more at-home potty training attention....skip the gym
Peanut needs more at-home potty training attention....I need a Coke & a donut

The biggest mental speed bump for me had to be on Wednesday when the trainer called to say that the company was closing their office at my gym location. We could finish out the sessions paid for from the last credit card draft, but after that I could be finished or sign-up on a new contract at a different location....farther from home & school....where I would have to pay a visitor's fee....and pay for on-site childcare. I had a session with him on Friday and we still have 3 left to go. But then what? It would be so easy to go back to just walking on the treadmill 2 or 3 times a week or slowly letting other things become more important, again. No, this time I'm ready to keep going and I think (I hope) I have learned so much about full body exercise and I am really enjoying the results. I no longer feel like a visitor at the gym, I feel like I (sorta) know what I'm doing. I'm pretty sure I can get over this speed bump.

So here's what it takes to get over those speed bumps....a little more energy. Tuesday night when Husband came home from work he brought me roses from Sam's. We have a pact to never send each other flowers from a florist, so a bouquet from Sam's is perfect in our house. I was removing the plastic cover to put the flowers in a vase and I saw the name of the striking hot pink color...Energy...I kid not. I cut out and saved the label, maybe I'll remember to take a picture, maybe I'll figure out how to post a picture. That same night I attended a women's evening at out church and felt Energized as well. Thursday night I had a meeting (that was anticipated with a bit of anxiety) and it went wonderfully well, full of positive energy. This week, I had a doctor's appt where my blood pressure was 110/60, the best it has ever been. My package from Kohl's arrived on Friday with a pair of smaller jeans and a smaller bra (band--not cup--not yet) and they both fit great.

It would have been easy this week to self sabotage. But when looking at the big picture and the big goal, these obstacles are just little speed bumps and I'm driving a Mack truck.

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