Monday, January 12, 2009

Yep, I'm Losin' It

Today was weigh-in day with the trainer and here are the results...

Weight is now down 17.5 lbs. from October 1 and 27.5 lbs. from May 2008 :o)

Body fat percentage is now 38.2%, down from 41%.

BMI is now 30.8 down from a high of 34 (just 0.9 less and I am no longer obese, just overweight).

I sorta got the feeling that my trainer was expecting more, or maybe he thought I was expecting more. It seemed like he thought I was somewhat disappointed. But I'm not. I'm not doing this for a special occasion. I don't have a deadline. The changes I make have to be ones that I can live with and that fit fairly easily into my life with family and kids. One day he was looking through my food journal and there were multiple fast food entries (it was a bad week, actually it was a bad month). He commented that Subway would be a better choice. Yep, and if they had a drive-thru, I'd be there every other day. But if I'm dragging 3 kids out of the car and into Subway to get lunch then I'm also swinging by the bakery for an entire cake to calm my nerves (my nearest Subway is in a Wal-Mart).

But that's ok, I'm losin' it, no matter how fast or slow.

Actually, I knew I was losin' it before I stepped on the scale this morning. My angry tooth was throbbing and that is always a sure sign. Angry tooth??? A year or so ago I went to the dentist with a very sore and sensitive canine tooth. After several x-rays and an exam, the dentist informed me that my tooth was completely healthy, but maybe a little bruised from clenching my teeth together. At that time, we didn't carry dental insurance, so this was a pricey little lesson that I was yelling and growling way too much.

This morning was a typical Monday morning, mostly because I failed to prepare better the night before (spent too much time surfing instead of packing a lunch and picking out clothes). Then the constant noise and demands for my attention. The two older kids starting every sentence with "Mommy" and requiring a response before continuing with a statement or question that then needs another response, usually at the same time...the baby fussing that he didn't want to be in the car seat again or maybe he wanted something else to eat...the radio on with that blasted cartoon music...the voice in my head running through the to-do list, the forgotten list, the grocery list....I just wanted to grit my teeth together and yell SHUT UP!

Yep, this morning, I definitely felt like I was losin' it.

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